At a Tree

March 11, 2014

In 1Kings 16 we’re introduced to king Ahab, and told of his surpassing wickedness.  But the details that the Holy Spirit reveals about his wickedness are remarkable.  We are told that Ahab became king (vs 29), angered God by worshiping Baal along with his Sidonian wife Jezebel (31), and erected an Asherah pole (vs33), which is sort of like the Canaanite version of a totem pole.

Another way of summarizing this is to say that Ahab followed the initiative of his wife into great sin and disobeyed at a tree.  This would make Ahab just another version of the same old Adam.  If this is a reasonable reading (and I think it’s too conspicuous not to be), then there are some things we can learn from it. The story of the old Adam, every time it is told, is a story that always ends the same way.  Sin came into the world through one man, and one trespass led to condemnation for all men; and on our good days, left to our own devices, we are just another first Adam.

But Christ stands in contrast to every other Adam.   Christ was the first and only Adam to get it right.  Instead of being led by His bride into sin, He leads His bride into the resurrection.   Unlike the first Adam, who hid from God and was driven from the garden, Christ is the way into fellowship with the Father.  And Christ alone demonstrated ultimate, unflinching obedience at a tree.


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