Husband of one, father of 5, servant of the Lord and King of all the earth, Jesus Christ.  And goofball.

I love the richness of the Reformed faith, the taste of venison steak medium rare, full-contact-neck-fat-kissies on my little babies, and a cold stout beer in good company.  I love being surprised by the break of the trigger, shot after shot, and what that looks like on paper from 200 yards.  I love the riotous praise of adoring fans as I so expertly walk in the front door after work, and being called “daddy” by one of them for the first time.  I love the loyalty of a good friend, the brutal honesty of a loving mentor, and real cornbread (if you don’t break a tooth, it ain’t real cornbread), and tinkering in the garage, and the frequent reminders that God never forgets the desires of my heart.


3 Responses to “Who the heck is this guy?”

  1. Hey Charles, I have seen some of your posts on Called to Communion.

    You have written some very interesting things.

    If you get a chance look at #59 and see what you think. Me and a buddy of mine are planning to start writing some short books on some of the Roman Catholic positions.

    We are wrestling with whether a person must believe in the deity of Christ, Trinity, dual-natures of Christ, to be saved. He leans to say yes, and I lean to say no; and I think he is leaning to say no now.

    I tend to believe that the essentials for salvation are the same as what Paul preached when he told the Galatians that any who preached another gospel to let that man be accursed.

    I just created my own blog a couple of weeks ago, feel free to interact:

  2. daddylong Says:


    Thanks for the comment. I think I agree with your #59 over at c2c. I’ll check out your blog.

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